Fall 2016

The Fall 2016 release includes numerous changes to the Explore Dashboard as well as some performance and navigation enhancements. 

Explore Dashboard

  • Date Picker
    • New time zone selection to move between time zones without having to change user admin preferences
    • Custom range comparisons allowing users to compare custom dates
    • Granularity picker auto selects granularity optimized for best performance and display
  • Time Series Graphs
    • Primary and secondary timeframes shown next to each other during a customer range comparison
    • New fast forward button to brings users back to most recent time interval when using a custom range
  • Top 10 Tables
    • ​Improved metric displays for large (i.e. Billions) and small (i.e. Cents) units
    • Intelligent zooming in custom range mode that allows zoom to move up or down a preset
    • Consistent ordering of the graphs in the same order as those selected in the metrics selector
  • Top 250 Tables
    • ​Easy scrolling of metrics through scrollbar
    • Better on screen display of large data tables through the addition of scroll bars


  • URLs now contain complete viewing information that allows the same exact view to be shared with another user


  • Several optimizations to the infrastructure code to improve loading times of several page elements


  • Clicking on the Metamarkets on the icon in the upper left corner reloads the dashboard with the default date picker settings